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No business can exist without people. It is a transaction of honesty and respect. A business, like relationships, needs to be built, moulded and nurtured.

The Epoxy division Team in Thailand was going from strength to strength over the years. By 2015, the business aspired to be worth a billion dollars. It was a big dream but one that led to excitement beyond nerves. Just when everything seemed to be falling in place, the only two raw material suppliers in Thailand shut down without prior notice or a date of reopening. The Epoxy business was facing a shutdown of its own. Despite reassurances customers began to grow anxious…Read More

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A hypermarket is a place where you get everything. But this is a story about those who gave everything to the hypermarket. Between the thriving aisles and abundant stocks in the MORE. Hypermarkets are stories of immense hard work, passion and commitment that went into making them possible.

These are the stories of a unique team led by Suraj Bahirwani.Suraj began his journey as a management trainee several years ago. He quickly stepped up the ladder from becoming an executive assistant in the Chairman’s office and then straight to Coastal Andhra Supermarket Operations, and now leading the Hypermarket …Read More