It is only a moment, which turns today into tomorrow, ideas into landmarks and dreams into reality. A moment of determination, a moment of letting go, a moment of change. And when a global giant arrived to firm its footing in Punjab, India, the UltraTech team’s moment had arrived.

They made it their responsibility to ensure every construction needs was met to perfection. They weren’t just trying to make their new venture a huge success. They were making this a stepping stone to a new beginning for the client and themselves.

The construction project began in full swing, and it was time to execute one of the most important parts of the building, its floors. The UltraTech team supplied the first batch of concrete, which was approved by the on-site team and successfully poured. First step, steady and forward. But, while the UltraTech team readied itself to prepare its second batch for delivery, a panic call from the customer shook them. The concrete wasn’t setting in time. This pushed all deadlines and left everyone in utter disarray.

The customer had no idea what was happening and feared there was no way out.

They suggested cancelling the second batch and postponing any further deliveries. The moment of truth had arrived. The UltraTech team had two options. To back down, wait for the client to find a way forward and compromise all the crucial deadlines, or to step up and find a solution for them. They knew how much this project meant to the customer and to themselves. They knew they had only one option.

It takes a moment to change everything. And in that moment, the UltraTech team refused to step back. They went on field to understand the situation and realised that the traditional setting time of the concrete wasn’t conducive to the deadlines. This meant they needed a whole new product in less than 12 hours. At a moment like this, anyone could have felt the ground slipping under their feet, but they were determined to make the floors set.

They knew their Research and Development team worked day and night to produce innovations and they trusted the lab team to find a way out with the R&D knowledge as their support system. But more than that, they trusted the company’s purpose and determination to get where they wanted to go.

They calmed the customer and themselves, even when fully aware that one wrong move could damage the goodwill and compromise customer deadlines drastically. But even the high stakes weren’t high enough to deter them. The lab teams got to work, to make a formula that would set faster, while the marketing team worked on keeping nerves in perfect control.

Three viable options were identified with speed, tried and tested and the results were drawn in a matter of few hours. The testing team worked through the night to update systems as soon as the one foolproof solution was at hand. The testing, was done unconventionally, based on the team’s instinct and experience. They stayed with the customer till the product began to set.

A moment of self-realisation changed everything. They didn’t just live up to the expectations of the customers but exceeded their own. They kept calm and carried on to sheer glory, on a concrete ground.

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