Today, the world is more conscious. The customer doesn’t just watch what he eats, he watches what goes into making what he eats. And when that something is his daily cup of coffee, he doesn’t just watch, he examines. Which is why one of the biggest customers of Aditya Birla Chemicals Thailand (ABCTL) saw the demand for their products dip, and their worries grow. The International food brand now wanted to adopt new techniques to create products low in sodium. This gave ABCTL a chance to leverage their expertise and bring a new option to the market.

As ABCTL searched for a solution, competitors were racing forward. ABCTL’s sale saw a sharp drop, but, its morale didn’t. The team was young, passionate and ready to do anything to find the right solution. They went through the production process with a fine-tooth comb. Days of brainstorming later, they realised that the potassium phosphates powder that ABCTL manufactured needed to be dissolved in water by the client before it could be used. And while converting powder to liquid, about 3,500 kilograms of material is lost in spillage every year. Also, to make the solution, litres of water and kilowatts of electricity are used.

The usage of paper bags, the wastage of products and the requirement of drinking

water were weighing heavy on the customers carbon credits.

From here on, their motivation to put their best into it, entirely changed. It was no longer about retaining the customer alone. It was also about helping them find a solution that could benefit millions of people, and the environment. It was about saving natural and other key resources like water, paper and electricity. It was a task bigger than any personal or professional gain. It was their responsibility as human beings. It was time to challenge the ways of doing business. It was time to change.

Once the problem was found, the solution didn’t lurk far away. It was an opportunity to help the client move towards sustainability by introducing greener footprints in their operations. They were aware that if they failed, the customer fails and so does the cause. It took them, 2 years to develop, change and test the processes. But when it happened, it paid off. Not only was the low sodium technique realised but it came with a sustainability benefit.

The benefits were plenty, and so were the hurdles. The convincing had to be done both externally and internally.

It meant convincing the customer to modify their processes, and internal teams to understand and aim towards the greater good.

But, the team motored on, working with passion and commitment to keep the customer’s motivation high and to ensure that they reaped the benefits of change, together.

With concerted effort and singular focus, the team saw itself become successful in introducing changes in the production process. New storage tanks were bought and a liquid transportation system was installed at the site. The team emerged a winner. And were awarded with a 100% order. This was a big achievement for the young team which drove itself and the client to success with relentless passion and commitment.

The customer is now spreading the process across Malaysia and Philippines. ABCTL is now the market leader and the success built a stronger relationship between the two partners. And has made the world just a little bit greener.

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