It is always difficult to imagine the unknown. We base it on our experiences of today and extrapolate it to a few days, months or years ahead. Not many think of a completely new concept coming into play. The same cannot be said of UltraTech. They don’t just see the future as another day, month or year. They see it as a new opportunity to achieve what hasn’t even been conceived today. That is the power of innovation.

One such powerful dream for the future was conceived in the year 1998. It was the time when most of the construction in India depended on cement, a primary component of the concrete mix which was used to erect buildings. UltraTech sold this cement and did a good job at doing so. But they are never satisfied with just good. They aspire for excellence and customer delight.

With issues extending from lack of space at sites to inconsistencies and unexpected delays with the material, their customers were constantly working against the tide. The team understood that the time had come to produce a reliable concrete mix and not just cement, which could be compromised at later stages.

This was the birth of UltraTech’s Ready Mix Concrete business, a product commonly known as RMC.

Most of the construction community in India was wary of the idea. Naysayers voiced the opinion that RMC would cater to a very limited market that would be too insignificant for any reputed company to consider. But true leaders always take the unbeaten path. They explore. They create. And they lead.

With the launch and growth of the RMC business, in 2003, UltraTech became India’s first company with a dedicated on-site plant for RMC, implemented and managed by a third party. An endeavour made possible by the team’s commitment to honing its skills in speedy delivery and consistent quality. Construction of the Singapore Township in Hyderabad was lauded all over, not just for the high quality product produced on-site, but also for the excellence in operational processes implemented.

The path that they set out for the future is now a part of their golden history. Their ambition only enhanced their passion to grow and create.

They acquired several high profile projects thereon and went on to contribute to projects such as the Mumbai Monorail, Metro systems across India, the Mumbai Airport Terminal 2, not to mention the iconic Sea-link and many such monuments of pride. The desire to simplify processes for builders, architects and engineers has led to an UltraTech stamp on the world we now see around us.

With a quality product at the heart of the business, UltraTech has invested in setting up a training academy and aggregate mines. Cost, time and short-term business impact all take a backseat to ensuring excellence. But the strength of this concrete vision lies in its flexibility. A true innovation should be capable of a seamless transformation according to the need. The team invents and re-invents the product to make it work according to the construction model and consumer expectations. They cater to simply everyone today. They haven’t just envisioned the future, they’ve created it, just the way they wanted to. They provide what matters the most – a solution for their customers.

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