The vision of making the whole world, one community is not unheard of. But few have managed to take relevant steps towards making it come true. Andreas Glapka is a man who not only sees this dream every conscious moment of his life, but dedicates it all towards making it come alive.

Novelis is a powerful company spread across four continents but perhaps behaves more as a group of companies. The Novelis team had a huge, almost unrealistic vision towards “One Novelis”. Bringing local teams together under global processes to bring out the true power of the company. With a lot of companies operating similar processes or purchasing similar materials across the globe there was an evident space for a global procurement lead. A mission was set out to create a centralised support network and a whole new way of functioning.

The Aditya Birla Group and Novelis were about to embark upon one of their biggest ventures of capital investment in Brazil and had plans across 3 more regions. Andreas was nominated to take the lead and with due speed he began to set up a global category team for major equipment purchases. Now, Andreas is no ordinary employee. Difficulties never seem to faze him. The one thing that sets him apart from everyone else is his passion to consolidate and streamline.

He loves his work and leads his team towards success by inspiring them to work towards a common goal.

Andreas was immensely excited when the opportunity arrived to do just that. He began a systematic approach by first securing the services of two highly experienced consultants, and then recruiting two global capital buyers to learn from the consultants and eventually become permanent members of his team.

He chose small teams of 3 or less, to support the project teams in Asia, North America and Europe. The task involved extensive travel and personal interactions with the teams, to gain their trust and ensure their involvement. He took it upon himself to travel most of the time and supervise the entire undertaking. The projects moved from negotiation to construction and ultimately commissioning.

The team, under his leadership, innovated in the supplier selection process, adopting KT analysis, which established clear objectives and credible differentiation among the supplier base. By doing this, the team managed to get all Novelis stakeholders on board. With strategic sourcing techniques, the team developed a healthy relationship with the entire project team staff and managed a seamless process in every case.

Over the first 2 years, results began to show. The team saved 11 percent on the total expenditure. This wasn’t just Andreas’ achievement. It was the victory of the whole team and their passion towards their work. But this was only the beginning of what became an avalanche of success stories. With seamless integration between global and plant engineering and procurement, new standardised processes were transported from one project to the other. Significant savings were observed in all walks of the business.

In October 2010, Andreas was thrown a challenge. To build a capital team, design a global process and achieve world-class results from scratch in a very short span of time. Just saying it out loud, makes it look like an unachievable ambition. But with his team’s support, Andreas conquered it. It takes a lot of passion and commitment to set out to follow your dream. And it takes every bit of a person and a team to finally make it happen. While the world became one common playground for the Novelis team, Andreas and his team felt like they’re on their way to rule it.

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