The human mind is fickle. So are the markets. What grabs eyeballs and gets picked from shelves today, might become completely obsolete and redundant tomorrow. To make things that are constantly in demand, innovation and a vision to see beyond the obvious is an imperative.

The Hindalco team is not unfamiliar with this challenge. It provides aluminum to serve almost every walk of life. Cans, Foils, automobiles, electronics, railways and much more are all a part of the mix. With a collection of quick thinkers and solution providers, this visionary team has driven Hindalco export from 2% to 47% in under a decade.

This expansion has created new learnings in international quality and customer sales experiences. Itwas then replicated for their domestic customers, with innovations according to the local needs. They started with nearby South East Asian and Middle East markets, but moved very quickly to Western markets through certificationof their products. To increase the reach, newer channels were established and the product portfolio was enhanced to provide a richer and widened product mix to the customers. This helped Hindalco in establishing itself in more than 40 countries and with a customer base of approximately 250, today.

For the business to reach where it stands today, the team had to grapple with enormous challenges. Going beyond the domestic market and spreading the business across the world had its own set of hurdles. The needs, expectations, cultures and market functions varied from one region to the other. They had to be seamless in their innovations and modifications to meet market expectations.

While no one doubted Hindalco’s competitive prices, the team needed to earn trust in their quality. Struck by this realisation, the team began to pro-actively approach customers and urged them to try their product. They were confident in their abilities, they just needed a chance. With an insatiable hunger to grow Hindalco, its people were out to prove themselves.

The team took it upon themselves to tick the box of every customer need, and consistently innovate, develop and re-develop their product to meet them. Beyond industry norms, a relentless trial and test process was put in place, for a select group of customers. This persistent interaction and revision was a mutual learning process for Hindalco and its customers, which developed a strong bond of camaraderie, understanding and finally, trust.

From here on, one achievement followed the other – including completion of testing for a new product, which normally takes 25 days, in a matter of 5 days. Just one more feather in their cap. The hunger to make their presence in the global market felt was beyond the call of duty or company targets. It was every single team member’s personal mission. It was an innate desire to boost the strength of the company and live up to the benchmarks they had set for themselves over the years.

When a desire and a will this strong propels a dream, it is difficult for it to not come true. This achievement of a 45% growth hasn’t just earned the Hindalco team a prominent place in the international market, but also bolstered their faith in the values this company stands by, passion and seamlessness, for example.

But the journey goes on. The team gets up every day with a mission to put their best effort and their finest foot forward. They continue to deliver on their promises and treat every new project with the enthusiasm of a child in a toy store. They are prepared to stretch as much as their aluminum.

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