It is always easier to give up on something by calling it impossible. But the teams in the Aditya Birla Group are not known to take the easy way out. It takes a lot of integrity and strength of character to put your blood and sweat into something that others have dismissed. Making the impossible, possible is the work of passionate people not miracles.

With over 500 customers, a 36-year history of operation and an annual turnover of 20 million tonnes, the Swiss-Singapore Overseas team knows the taste of success achieved through passion. For this team, success is only ever measured by the smiles on the faces of their customers.

Dealing exclusively through the port of Mundra was causingconcern and frustration amongst customers. The team knew it was time to take on what others had termed an impossible task. It was time to make Kandla port a dock for large vessels.

Kandla, even though a major port that serves many regions, wasn’t built to serve or accommodate larger transporters such as the capesize vessels which were needed by Mr. Gupta and the SSOE team.

The SSOE team runs on three basic commandments- competitive price, quality goods and a seamlessly reliable supply. Customers were asking for a new docking solution and the team weren’t ready to make any exception to their promises. Plans and proposals that had been in the pipeline waiting for the right moment were made the top priority.

The shallow waters of Kandla port had deep running potential, it was now the task of the SSOE team to unlock this potential and turn the tides of fortune in the favour of its customers. A daunting task that needed to be executed with speed and precision. They began manoeuvring through official channels and plugging loopholes to get the port approved. It took them several months, a lot of hard work and determination to make it all possible.

With the use of floating cranes, 14 barges and all their strength as a team, Kandla port saw its first docking. Getting a capesize vehicle to discharge nearly 140,000 MT of goods is never an easy feat to achieve. To orchestrate such a task in just 10 days is accolade worthy.

To do all this at a port that has never berthed a vessel of that size is awe inspiring. The SSOE team knew that their commitment to tread on the path of change would inspire all those around them to follow suit and now have the achievement to back the belief.

The opening of the Kandla port not only opened a whole new channel for smooth and seamless business, but also their minds towards change for the better and the power of possibilities. But the vantage points of the new port went far beyond even this. It had a tremendous impact on Kandla itself giving it a new recognition, more revenue and rejuvenation. The SSOE team had now served the community as well as their customer, an amazing unexpected achievement.

Despite all hardships, the team emerged victorious. They now beam with pride, having raised the profile of the Kandla port as a reliable destination for imports to Western India. But most of all, they enjoy the knowledge that no difficulty is too difficult.

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