Every institution and organisation including business organisations are always defined by something unique to them. For some, it is their products; for others, it is their processes, some stand out for their innovation and others are known to repeatedly reinvent themselves. The Aditya Birla Group is no exception to this general principle except that it is uniquely defined by its Values. Value-based approach to everything that we do has been a part of us from the inception. Like our many voyages into different sectors, into different markets, our Values have been a special voyage of discovery, learning and inspiration.

As the world around us changed and so did we, we retained something with us untouched. That is our Values. However, a decade ago we formally articulated our Values to provide our people within and our partners and stakeholders outside, better clarity on who we are and what we stand for. Thus these values have served us as a lighthouse helping us choose the right courses and make the right choices – choices that are purposeful.

In framing these Values a decade ago, we asked ourselves several tough questions. What has held us together? What has really made us successful? What do we believe in? We were also aware that the future is going to be very different and we need to build something new into our DNA while preserving its core character. We reached out to our people to make this journey of formally articulating our Values an inclusive process. Out of this enriching and engaging process were born our five Values.


On the foundations of integrity, commitment demands delivering as promised. Creating a culture high on reliability and accountability.


Going beyond just the call of duty, is where our passion lies. It is a voluntary, spontaneous and relentless pursuit of goals with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm. It is our instinct and our intuition.


Honesty is the best policy; the policy we choose to base our business on. We aspire to make integrity the cornerstone of all our dealings.


One for all and all for one; working together across functional groups to harness synergy and collaboration.


Time is not only money. Responding to internal and external stakeholders with optimisation and creative solutions keeps everyone ahead of the game.